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Lines【禮筑外文書店】(精裝)[79折] 規格

Lines【禮筑外文書店】(精裝)[79折] 最新價格

Lines【禮筑外文書店】(精裝)[79折] 歷史價格(單位:新台幣)

Lines【禮筑外文書店】(精裝)[79折] 描述

書名:Lines 定價:630元 ISBN13:9781452156651 出版社:Chronicle Books Llc 作者:Suzy Lee 裝訂/頁數:精裝/40 規格:30.5cm*22.9cm (高/寬) 出版日:2017/09/05 品牌 : 禮筑 --------------------------------------------------------------------- #Suzy Lee It starts with a line. Whether made by the tip of a pencil or the blade of a skate, the magic starts there. And magic once again flows from the pencil and imagination of internationally acclaimed artist Suzy Lee. With the lightest of touches, this masterwork blurs the lines between real and imagined, reminding us why Lee's books have been lauded around the world, recognized on New York Times Best Illustrated Books lists and nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international honor given to children's book creators. This seemingly simple story about a young skater on a frozen pond will charm the youngest of readers while simultaneously astounding book enthusiasts of any age. 因拍攝略有色差,圖片僅供參考,顏色請以實際收到商品為準 注意事項: 1.本店只販售全新正品,絕不賣仿冒品,請安心購買。 2.下標前如商品庫存少於3本,可以蝦皮聊聊確認是否有現貨。

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