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The Magic Eraser (Locker 37 #1)【禮筑外文書店】[79折] 價格比較,價格查詢,價格歷史信息

The Magic Eraser (Locker 37 #1)【禮筑外文書店】[79折] 規格

The Magic Eraser (Locker 37 #1)【禮筑外文書店】[79折] 最新價格

The Magic Eraser (Locker 37 #1)【禮筑外文書店】[79折] 歷史價格(單位:新台幣)

The Magic Eraser (Locker 37 #1)【禮筑外文書店】[79折] 描述

書名:The Magic Eraser (Locker 37 #1) 系列:Locker 37 定價:315元 ISBN13:9780593222850 出版社:Penguin Workshop 作者:Aaron Starmer 裝訂/頁數:平裝/224 規格:12.7cm*17.8cm (高/寬) 出版日:2020/06/30 品牌 : 禮筑 --------------------------------------------------------------------- #Aaron Starmer "A laugh-out-loud tour de force." --Kirkus, starred reviewEver wish you had a way to magically solve all of your problems? The kids at Hopewell Elementary School might have exactly what you''re searching for--just walk down the hall and stop at Locker 37.Carson Cooper realizes that he has a very inconveniently located stain on his pants. That is NOT the way to start things off on the first day of school. Fortunately, Carson finds a letter written by last year''s fourth graders stuck to the bottom of his desk with some watermelon bubble gum.The note explains the existence of Locker 37, which will provide a solution to any problem! And when Carson sneaks off to the locker it does, indeed, provide a solution--an eraser! But the problem is that the eraser works a little too well, erasing anything it''s rubbed against three times. ANYTHING. 注意事項: 1.本店只販售全新正品,絕不賣仿冒品,請安心購買。 2.下標前如商品庫存少於3本,可以蝦皮聊聊確認是否有現貨。

The Magic Eraser (Locker 37 #1)【禮筑外文書店】[79折] 商品選項

The Magic Eraser (Locker 37 #1)【禮筑外文書店】[79折] 屬性


The Magic Eraser (Locker 37 #1)【禮筑外文書店】[79折] 用戶評測


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