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書名:Web Opposites (硬頁書) 定價:350元 ISBN13:9780593225219 出版社:Penguin Workshop 作者:Rob Hodgson 裝訂/頁數:硬頁書/32 規格:19.8cm*19.8cm (高/寬) 出版日:2021/08/10 適讀年齡:嬰幼兒 品牌 : 禮筑 --------------------------------------------------------------------- #Rob Hodgson Spiders with personality use their webs to demonstrate opposites in this clever concept board book. Sixteens pairs of opposite words are presented with wit, whimsy, and webs. Familiar opposites like day and night are presented alongside more unexpected pairs like visible and invisible, proving that there’s no web these silly spiders can’t spin! Young readers will stretch both their imaginations and vocabularies as they laugh along with our eight-eyed, eight-legged friends. 注意事項: 1.本店只販售全新正品,絕不賣仿冒品,請安心購買。 2.下標前如商品庫存少於3本,可以蝦皮聊聊確認是否有現貨。

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